Install Speed Limiter Device from Approved Vendor

Do you want to install a speed limiter on your vehicle? Have you been thinking of where to get a credible speed limit device for your vehicle? Then there is no need worrying yourself, because Speed limiters automobile company sells high quality speed limiters for all her clients.

They have been in the business for some years now, and it is important to remark here that they have served a good number of satisfied clients. Many of them keep coming back, due to their quality service deliveries.

The Nigerian road safety operatives are not happy with cars that doesn’t have speed limiters; it is a big offence, and punishable under Nigerian law. Due to this development, some companies have been approved to be selling and installing speed limit devices to motorists. Speed limiters automobile company is one of the accredited firms that are selling and installing these devices.

their sole aim is to serve you, and ensure you are happy on the quality of service you received. The importance of installing a speed limiter on your vehicle can never be over emphasised. With it, you can easily know the speed of your vehicle, and be able to control it.

Most users are happy with their speed limit devices because they can be acquired at friendly rates, and you won’t regret making use of them. The federal road safety corporation insists that every vehicle plying Nigerian roads with effect from October 1st, 2016 must be subjected to a serious check to know whether they install a speed limiter or not.

You don’t need to embarrass yourself on this. So, the best thing would be buying this device from Speed limiters automobile company right away. Give them a call right now to get full details. This law is made to ensure that the numbers of accidents that occur in Nigerian roads are drastically reduced. You will be doing yourself a great disservice if you refuse to install this device on your vehicle. When you have this device, it will motivate you to drive more carefully.

Keep in mind that if one reason or the other you refuse to install a speed limiter on your vehicle, your cars would be impounded and you will be penalized by the road security agents.

If you buy from them, you will not only enjoy high quality products that would last for a longer time, but you will get them a good price- you don’t have to break your bank to buy them. Some private and corporate organizations are currently using their products, and their experiences have been truly inspirational. Speed limiters automobile company are daily motivated by their wonderful testimonials and recommendations. For more information about this service, feel free to visit their site:



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